Restorative Ground on King Street


Restorative Ground is an interactive street installation where our neighbors can gather, work, play, and relax. Located on King Street between Hudson and Greenwich Street, it acts as an interactive destination in Hudson Square.

Restorative Ground is the winning design of the “Care for Hudson Square” competition. The 2020 competition was a partnership between Hudson Square Properties, Hudson Square BID, and Urban Design Forum. We sought submissions from New York’s design community to create a “dynamic and multifaceted platform for public interaction and gathering.” We unveiled the winning project from WIP Collaborative in July 2021 for the public’s use.

The installation brings a variety of experiences designed to meet the diverse needs of Hudson Square. The space includes three distinct experiential zones: focused, active, and calm. While the focused zone of the installation can host outdoor workshops and events, the active and calm zones can support informal play and relaxation.

With a sleek and playful spirit, the installation welcomes people back to our neighborhood by adding a vibrant and inviting space for people to enjoy. It also reactivates an underutilized street and celebrates the vibrancy of Hudson Square.

Welcome back, and welcome to Restorative Ground.

Hudson Square

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