This Summer, we opened Spring Street Park, the renovated space on Spring St. and Sixth Avenue. The renovation was a partnership between the City of NY and the BID. The open space had remained untouched since it was built in the 1970’s. The City and the BID invested $6 Million to renovate the space and create a state of the art park for the Hudson Square Community. The BID will maintain the space, which evokes our creating spirit and printing past with its graphic design.

Some benefits of our brand new park:

  • 17% more trees
    • Seasonal planting
    • 42 Healthy trees
  • 1140% increase storm-water capture
  • 445% increase in permeable surface
  • 4 big-belly trash and recycle bins
  • 1 water fountain
  • 186% increase in fixed seating
    • Custom swivel chairs, under-lit benches and seasonal movable furniture
  • 630% increase in lighting
    • Decorative lighting and custom moonlights, under-lit benches