Streetscape Maintenance 
Our Streetscape Maintenance worker Robert! 

The Hudson Square BID has created and executed Master Plans to transform the neighborhood into a 21st-century creative hub.  As our plans are implemented, we have ramped up the maintenance of these neighborhood investments.  With the completion of the 1st neighborhood master plan  we have planted or retrofitted a forest of over 500 trees, increased seating by over 186%, and installed 8000+ square feet of planted trees, shrubs and perennials.

We contract with Streetplus to provide streetscape maintenance services throughout Hudson Square.

This includes:

  • Removing litter and graffiti, and setting up and maintaining the movable furniture in Freeman Plaza and Spring Street Park
  • Conducting supplemental litter removal including mulching, watering, and weeding of our tree pits; repainting our tree guards as needed; and maintaining the permeable pavers
  • Ensuring that our bike racks, benches, and wayfinding remain functional and graffiti-free

In September 2020 the BID expanded its maintenance operations to include supplemental sanitation services The Clean Ambassador’s responsibilities include litter and graffiti removal and street sweeping. This temporary expansion of our maintenance footprint was enacted to mitigate the impact of the reduction of City sanitation services. The neighborhood immediately felt the impact- from October-December the Clean Ambassador removed 2,500 bags of trash and 100 incidents of graffiti.

If you see our maintenance workers Robert and Issa, or our clean ambassador Mbara on the street, make sure you say hello!

If you would like to report a streetscape maintenance issue, please contact Sean Lewin, our Operations Associate, at

Hudson Square

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