In 2012, we launched our first 10-year Master Plan focused on improving traffic flow, creating open spaces for people to connect, building a healthy environment by greening our streets, and making Hudson Square a place for people.

The plan was developed by a world-class team of designers through a truly collaborative effort with community stakeholders.

The key goals included:

  • Manage traffic
  • Create pedestrian-friendly environments
  • Create open space
  • Green the streets
  • Define neighborhood identity
  • Identify and implement sustainability opportunities
  • Support retail

The plan was a $27 million public-private partnership – 50% of the capital costs were funded by the BID, and 50% through public New York City funds. The Hudson Square BID (HSBID) maintains and funds all operating costs for completed projects.

The first 10-year plan includes these completed projects:

Hudson Street

We transformed Hudson Street from Canal to West Houston Street into a reimagined, green, bike and pedestrian-friendly boulevard that strengthens neighborhood connectivity, enhances traffic safety, and accentuates Hudson Street as a place to shop, stroll, socialize, and relax.
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Spring Street Park

We renovated Spring Street Park for the first time since its opening in the 1970s, creating a haven for workers, students, residents, and visitors alike. Mature tree cover, engaging public programming, state-of-the-art trash bins, and a myriad of seating options make this park a peaceful, attractive entryway into Hudson Square.
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Hudson Square Standard (HSS)

We developed a new platinum standard for urban forestry, planting and retrofitting over 500 trees and making the neighborhood more beautiful and pedestrian-friendly. HSS trees grow on average 12% faster than city standard trees, help offset carbon emissions from nearby Holland Tunnel car transit, and absorb stormwater runoff at higher rates than average thanks to our permeable pavers.
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Freeman Plaza East

Renovated in 2021, Freeman Plaza East features lush plantings that act as a natural buffer, free Wi-Fi, and is ART PARK with a Noguchi sculpture, painted piano and mural at the plaza entrance.
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Freeman Plaza West

Originally opened in 2013, Freeman Plaza West underwent a renovation in 2018, and now features a custom painted ping-pong table, free Wi-Fi and a 900 SF turf lawn.
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Hudson Square Canvas

We partnered with large-scale muralists to decorate Varick Street with exciting, vibrant art, highlighting our neighborhood’s creative energy and human-scale streets. Situated on the industrial buildings and fences of our past, these forward-looking art pieces remind us every day of the bright future of Hudson Square.
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